GreyHair Alchemy brings an exciting method of sourcing experienced talent utilising both interim managers and career executives.

GreyHair has been providing immediately available senior executives Australia-wide since 2002. Our core business has been in providing this talent in the form of Interim Managers, usually required to manage a key project or because of the departure of a key executive.

GreyHair Alchemy specializes in providing Interim Managers for periods of 3 to 24 months. Many of these interim positions become permanent.

There is certainly no skills shortage as far as GreyHair is concerned. GreyHair has management access to the AIEA database of hundreds of experienced professionals and executives across a wide range of business disciplines and industries. GreyHair is able to provide a short list of suitably qualified executives at very short notice (think <72 hours).

Permanent, contract, part-time and FIFO placements are available.

Your next executive can be engaged in either of two ways:

Use the AIEA Find-IE Facility

For recruitment consultants and employers who are proficient enough to deal with raw personnel data, the AIEA Find-IE facility is the fastest and cheapest way to find the talent you seek. No intermediaries - just you and the candidate. No guarantees either.

Direct Engagement Service from GreyHair

If you want an employment expert to conduct the search and shortlisting for you, but without the normal recruitment agency cost, then GreyHair can guarantee a shortlist that meets all your criteria, in less than 72 hours.